Maksym Ferents, PhD

Maksym Ferents, PhD is a graduate of the Law School at the Ivan Franko Lviv State University, he has studied at the Law and Economy Faculty of the Free University in Munich (Germany), doctoral dissertation concerning the Ukrainian law in prospect of the European integration has been defended at the Law and Administration Faculty of the Maria Curie-Sklodowska University in Lublin (UMCS).
Maksym Ferents specializes in field of the European law, trade law of Poland and Ukraine, as well as the constitutional and civil law of these countries.
He has worked as a head specialist in the Ukrainian State Committee for Regulation Policy and Entrepreneurship. A range of his duties included: legal advisement for small and medium businesses, control of the State Registrators in field of keeping of the Single State Register of Entrepreneurs, control of the state authorities and local governments relating to execution of main directions of the state regulation policy in the field of entrepreneurship's development, control of execution by entrepreneurships of license requirements connecting to a running business activity, contacts to state authorities, drawing up official letters, organization of meetings and conferences for the entrepreneurs, currying on seminars and trainings for businessmen, advisement by preparation and execution of the grant projects, running of a CD matrix deposit.
Maksym Ferents, PhD is an author of numerous scientific researches in field of the European and economic law, inter alias: Relationships of the Ukraine with OSCE and the European Council, The Ukraine in international relationships, red. M. Pietras, UMCS, Lublin 2007; Changes in national legislation in connection with joining of the Ukraine the European Council, EKPiUU Yearbook, UMCS, Lublin 2007; Democratic principles of Ukrainian legal system transformation, Luck 2006; Lublin-Kiev Lawyers Seminar "Concept of interest in jurisprudence, determined law and verdicts of constitutional courts of Poland and the Ukraine", Lublin, Semi-annual magazine Studia Iuridica Lublinensia, volume VI – year 2005, page 213; The legal basics of adaptation of the Ukrainian legislation to the law of the European Union, British Council, Lviv 2005; Collateral (real estate deposit) according to the law of the Federal Republic of Germany, Ivan Franko University in Lviv, Lviv 2001; Legal entity in the law of the Federal Republic of Germany, Ivan Franko University in Lviv, Lviv 2000; Civil petition in Criminal Codex of the Ukraine, Ivan Franko University in Lviv, Lviv 1999.
Within the confines of the project of Voyevodship Employment Authority in Lublin Support of development of the transborder entrepreneurship Maksym Ferents prepared a publication Running economic activity in Poland and the Ukraine – handbook for Polish and Ukrainian businessmen, red. Maksym Ferents. .
Maksym Ferents collaborates in Ferenc&Kuczynski™ with Municipality of the city of Chelm, where he runs and advisement point for entrepreneurs at the Polish-Ukrainian Centre of Economic Development.
Fluent knowledge of Polish, Ukrainian, Russian, German languages, applying to legal terminology.
Business Partner in Ferenc&Kuczynski™.

Sergiusz Kuczynski

Sergiusz Kuczynski (39) born in the city of Lugansk (Eastern Ukraine) – specialist in field of foreign trade and international politics. He has finished Faculty of Politology at M.Wankowicz Journalism High School in Warsaw, Lublin State University UMCS with specialization in International Relationships as well as the after graduate Academy of Foreign Trade at the Lublin Business School.
Diploma thesis’s were dedicated the issues connected with international economic cooperation: „Polish-Israeli economic relations. History, the present and the future.” (2001), „Risks in foreign trade transactions and minimalization means.” (2003) and „The International Chamber of Commerce ICC and its role in the international economic relations” (2009) . In the year 2004 in an economical magazine „Rynki Terminowe” (4/04) was published an article devoted to the issues of the risk management in the foreign trade. In collaboration with a publishing house „Wiedza i Praktyka” („Knowledge and Practice”) in a newsletter Export-Import in December 2006 was published an article about applying of the letters of credit and some other means of financial accounts in the international deals.
Sergiusz Kuczynski cooperates with economic portal and sports magazyne „Sztuki Walki” (Martial Arts).
Within the confines of own business – Foreign Trade Agency ALEPH EXPORT-IMPORT - established in 1998 Sergiusz Kuczynski has worked during a few years as a representative in Poland of an Israeli trading company, exporting goods from Poland and other countries of the European Union to Israel. In 2000 he has visited Israel in order to acquaint with the country, Israeli market, issues combined with running of economic activity in Israel. That trip has become a good opportunity for gathering information needed for writing the diploma thesis.
By virtue of his descent, Sergiusz Kuczynski during the long time of existence of his own business as well as working for other Polish companies, deals mainly with Eastern European markets (C.I.S., Central Asia, the Caucasus region, Baltic states). At the current moment his firm ALEPH EXPORT-IMPORT concentrates on cooperation with C.I.S. Countries (Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, etc.) and export different Polish commodities to its customers in the Ukraine and Belarus.
Sergiusz Kuczynski had worked earlier in the foreign trade departments of such companies as Confectionery Factory "Solidarnosc", Intrall Polska, Makrochem, Foreign Enterprise CORMAY, RESTA S.A., Agency of technical supply REALL, in which he gained the professional experience in the field of practical realization of export-import transactions, questions of international logistics.
In September 2001 Sergiusz Kuczynski has taken place in training for small and medium business owners from Central and Eastern European countries in Germany (Handelskammer Kassel) and served his professional apprenticeship in a German manufacturing company Nordgetreide GmbH in Lübeck.
Now Sergiusz Kuczynski participates with J.D. Maxim Ferenc in the training and consulting programs organized by local governments (a.o. Polish-Ukrainian Economic Development Centre in the city of Chelm), departments and regional offices. He carries on trainings and seminars dedicated the C.I.S. markets as well as the issues combined with the foreign trade for businessmen from Poland and Ukraine.
Sergiusz Kuczynski is a lecturer in the postgraduate programs at the School of Business and Administration in Lublin (WSPA), The School of Computer Science and Management in Rzeszow and he teaches at the Academy of International Trade in Lublin (training project implemented by the OK Centre for Foreign Languages combined with learning of foreign languages).
Knowledge of languages: Polish, Russian, Ukrainian, English, German.
Interests: art, music, theater, foregn languages, martial arts (judo, sambo) and self-defence systems (krav maga, sistiema), swimming, track & field athletic. He is a co-founder and memeber of the Lublin American Football Club LUBLIN TITANS



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